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Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

Item Number: 11-2108
Our Price: $59.95

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Also available, but out of stock:
7 (Width 140-148mm - Length 157-167mm)

The Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot is a handy boot to have when you need to poultice or treat an injury to the hoof. Made of neoprene with a durable rubber sole, the Medical Hoof Boot has a close fit with a convenient zipper for easy on/off. The close fit means that your medication stays in place and your horse won't end up with painful rubs. It also folds up flat making it easy to stow away in your first aid kit or trunk. Unlike some other hoof treatment boots, the Woof boot is designed for wear in the stall or during turnout and will resist shifting and turning.

• Keeps wounds, poultices and dressing clean
• Can be used in the stall or for turnout
• Durable for repeated use
• Tread on sole for improved grip
• Kevlar interior for added durability
• Unique diagonal zipper design prevents the zipper from opening on its own
• Machine washable

Helpful Information:

Measure, Measure, Measure...

The Medical Hoof Boot is designed to be a snug fit so it doesn't fall off. If you do not measure accurately or buy a size too big it can result in damage to the boot

Measuring Rules:

i)Measure width carefully before bandaging, with or without shoe
ii)Choose size per guide (don't go to next size up)
iii)No need to add extra for dressings