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Myler Bits

About Myler Bits ®
1. Philosophy
2. Bitting System
3. Fitting Basics

The creators of Myler Bits®, Ron, Dale and Bob Myler, offer a philosophy behind each of their bits. The bit is a communication tool, and to effectively communicate with your horse, he must be relaxed. If your horse is resistant, he is not effectively receiving your message and needs a different bit which lets him relax.

The System
The Mylers have designed an entire bitting system to effectively communicate with any horse at any level of training. Based on bitting a horse appropriately through his training, the system works by releasing points of pressure and using softer bits as the horse progresses. Because of the bit variations available, the system may seem complex, but it is quite simple. Each mouthpiece is coordinated to a horse’s training which is generalized into four levels. These levels serve as a guide to bit selection as you match horse and rider needs.

Fitting Basics
There are some basics you’ll need to properly bit your horse. First, be familiar with the horse’s mouth and points of pressure caused by the bit. Second, reflect upon your needs and those of your horse. How advanced is your horse’s training? Is there resistance? What kind of mouth does he have? How advanced are your skills? With this information, you can select the proper Myler Bit. And soon with the proper bit, your horse will be relaxed, ready and willing to receive your communication.