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Myler Stainless Steel Neil Merrill Short Shank Gag with Sweet Iron Twisted Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel

Item Number: 89-34025T
Our Price: $151.95

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Myler Neil Merrill Short Shank Gag Bit features a shank with two rings, sliding mouthpiece attachment and hinged cheekplate or purchase. The cheekplate offers slots for headstall, curb strap and optional noseband attachment; the middle ring is for the sliding action of the mouthpiece and the bottom ring is for the reins.

Function: Shanks are leverage bits. The special feature on the Neil Merrill Short Shank Gag is the free play of the mouthpiece. With rein pressure, the mouthpiece slides on the ring as light pressure is applied on the poll and the mouth. This offers the horse opportunity to respond to the lightest signal before the mouthpiece completely engages. Due to the nature of sliding mouthpiece, strong consideration should be given to bit guards.

Size: 5 inch