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Total Saddle Fit® Six Point Western Felt Pad w/Shims

Item Number: PAD-WEST
Our Price: $269.99

The Six Point Western Felt Pad by Total Saddle Fit truly stands out from the competition! Offering a full saddle fit adjustment system as well as Wither Freedom Technology™, this pad is sure to become a staple in your tack room.
Made of 100% wool felt through the body, this pad has 20mm thickness throughout and an additional 10mm of protection under the saddle area. Wither Relief Technology™, a cutback design over the withers, completely removes any downward pressure on this sensitive area while also allowing for less bulk under the front of the saddle. The top line features a vented design and a 1.5" opening over the spine for impressive clearance. Shim pockets on either side of the spine allow for a wide variety of shimming options for fixing issues such as bridging, rocking, and crooked saddles. With a cutout under the rider's leg, you can be sure that bulk won't get in the way of feeling your horse. Versatile in design and offering unbeatable comfort and function, the Western Six Point pad is a great choice for a variety of disciplines!


• 100% Wool Felt w/ Genuine Leather Accents
• 20mm Thick Through Body, Extra 10mm Under Saddle
• Wither Relief Technology™
• Vented Topline
• 1.5" Wide Spine Opening
• Cutaway Under Rider's Leg
• Shimmable - Comes with 6 10mm Felt Shims

Color: White