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Hidez® Ice Compression Socks

Item Number: IS*
Our Price: $229.95

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Also available, but out of stock:
Medium Front - Black
Medium Hind - Black

Your horse's muscles need a steady supply of blood to perform at their peak. Hidez® Compression Gear increases blood flow, delivering oxygen and fuel the muscles need for explosive performance. Serious athletes need serious gear. Hidez® helps fuel top equine athletes all over the world through competition, travel, and recovery.
Hidez® Ice/Compression Socks are the easiest way to ice legs without exception. No cords, no hoses, no batteries, no babysitting.


•Graduated compression reduces swelling and stocking up
•Convenient, easy treatment of leg injury
•Increases circulation and drives fluids out of the leg
•Easily apply ice from top of the knee/hock to foot
•Helps reduce injury and prolong competitive edge
•Facilitates recovery from lower limb injuries
•Keeps legs clean and tight for judged events

Color: Black Only! (Colors Available by Special Order)

Sizes: Small and Medium (Front and Hind)